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Outages effecting Centre and Seed Road

We currently have a link down which is effecting service to customers off Centre Road and Seed Road popsites. We are working on repairs and will have service back up as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience. The Falcon Internet Team

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Current outage effecting Baker and Cowan Popsites

We are currently experiencing an outage that is effecting our Cowan and Baker clients. Due to the weather this is most likely related to the ice in the area. As elevated climbing is dangerous in the dark we will wait until the morning to fix the issue. Thank you for your understanding and patience. The…

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Outage at Glencoe Popsite

There is currently an outage effecting service in Glencoe and Appin. We are working on repairing the issue. Outage may last till morning. The Falcon Internet Team

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Switch Failure at Woodhull Popsite

We have had a switch failure at the woodhull north popsite. The hardware will be replaced in the morning. Currently this will be affecting woodhull, cook road and westdel bourne clients. Sorry for the inconvenience. Your Falcon Internet Team

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